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The pandemic at a glance

See how countries compare in their fight against the coronavirus pandemic. Browse the latest stats in this free iOS app: confirmed cases, vaccinations, tests, you name it.

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Screenshots of coronavirus stats

Rank and compare countries

Rank countries by COVID cases, vaccinations, and other metrics in the world or within their region. Use Favorites for quick reference.

Screenshot of countries ranked by confirmed COVID-19 cases

Drill down to detail

Get a comprehensive look at key data for each country. Choose from daily, 7-day average, or the cumulative numbers. Watch 7-day or 14-day trends to see how the momentum is changing.

Screenshot of detailed COVID-19 statistics


Trustworthy data

We use the daily updated COVID-19 Dataset by Our World in Data, which combines statistics from institutions such as WHO, ECDC, Johns Hopkins University, and individual governments.

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